The Past of Bebeco

Since 1967, Bebeco had been the pioneer in the Tech Industrial Synthetic fibre slings and lasing in Sweden. With more than 40 years of experience in developing cargo handling systems, Bebeco thrives to develop systems which are cost and time effective for air, land and sea mode of cargo transportation. Despite the cost and time effective, Bebeco does not compromise safety of workers view safety as the top priory for their products.  With experiences in successful combination of systems and solutions, we are able to tailored to your transportation needs and is delicate to customers success.  We strongly believed that Bebeco will be the best company to meet customers requirements.

Why choose Bebeco??

·         Pioneer in Tech industrial Synthetic fibre slings and lasing. Since 1967

·         Been developing cargo handling systems for more than 40 years in Sweden.

·         Systems improves safety for workers, cost/time effective for all modes of transportation.

·         Specializing in unitization, preslinging or any other lifting and lashing problems.

With our expertise, we can provide what you need.

Our Specialized Equipment

  •          Anchor Plate
    ·         Bagged Cargo Sling
    ·         Big Bag

    ·         Cargo net
    ·         Cargo net Helicopter
    ·         Cargo Net for vehicles
    ·         Cargo Net Mat

    ·         Coupling for lifting

    ·         Cover for weather Protection

    ·         Endfitting for webbing strap 

    ·         Lashing Light duty

    ·         Lashing Heavy duty

    ·         Lashing one-trip use

    ·         Lifting Hook

    ·         Lifting Ring